Treating Eating Disorders with CBT will use TCApp



HealthApp ultimate vision is that all therapists treating Eating Disorders with CBT will use TCApp, due to the revolutionary improvement that TCApp will offer to CBT. This will make HealthApp the market leader and allow an increase in the number of successful treatments with its consequent reduction in health costs.


In Phase I H2020 SME Instrument, HealthApp needs to conduct a Technical Feasibility Study and complete a Business Plan of the new TCApp used in the cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for patients with eating disorders. The following objectives are included:

  • Technological Feasibility
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Model Definition
  • Internationalization
  • Risk Assesment
  • IP Analysis
  • Business Plan


The overall objective of the future Phase II H2020 SME Instrument is to cover R&D activities such as the implementation of advanced features into TCApp, testing the developments and doing clinical studies to verify and validate the service performance and efficacy of the application and the algorithms used. Specifically, the main goal of the Phase II project is to improve the current app, introducing the possibility of interaction with the app through common social networks as well as algorithms for face recognition to identify moods. At this point we know that TCApp algorithms need to be improved in order to accomplish the goal of anticipating patients’ crisis. Additionally, we have to run some clinical tests to define the most engaging design (i.e. gamification appearance, activation of playlists and relaxing exercises, and inclusion of social networks) adapted to the needs of eating disorder patients.