Identity and Purpose

Why HealthApp?

Health innovation and digitalization to connect patients and healthcare professionals

HealthApp was founded to improve medical assistance and patient recovery process. By developing gamified apps, HealthApp engages patients into the therapy and connects with healthcare professionals. HealthApp provides real time data and analysis to adjust treatment, actions and decisions for a better care.


HealthApp is a company founded by people, lead by people which develops solutions for people. We care about our user’s needs. That is why we work to develop empathic solutions for our users.


HealthApp is a global company. Our headquarters are located in Barcelona, but we have clients, collaborators and partners all over the world.

Our Social Commitment

HealthApp supports the application of advanced mHealth solutions

HealthApp is committed with the social good and the universal health assistance. Together with our partners we provide solutions for private and public healthcare systems. HealthApp supports the application of advanced mHealth solutions the healthcare system.


As a company, we are involved on the development of innovative solutions to enhance the use of mHealth and eHealth solutions to improve healthcare assistance. HealthApp is working to become an active player on this major global issue.


We believe in people and we do care about people’s needs. That is why HealthApp works in the development of empathetic platforms and Apps. We work to improve daily life and to contribute to the development of a healthier world for everyone.

HealthApp has been recognized as a social committed company by Ship2B and Obra Social “la Caixa” Foundations.

We are very proud to support public healthcare campaigns and dedicate part of our earnings to improve the social good.

HealthApp is a story of effort, commitment, innovation, success and recognition.

Research and Technology based Business

HealthApp is composed by an R&D team involving: researchers in computer science, medical doctors and MD researchers. We are a spin-off of UPC and CIMNE. We are current collaborating with worldwide leaders in the fields of healthcare assistance, computer science, advanced therapies and mHealth.


Our technology involves Big Data, new generation therapies, artificial intelligence, data mining, serious games and advanced image processing. We are constantly collaborating with research partners and universities offering scholarships, industrial doctorates and research stages on our company.